Covid19 Pandemic’s Agility : A New Perspectives on Health , Economy , Role of Government ,Vaccination , Lessons From Crisis and Balance

Human is one of the venerable, special and wisdom having creature in this world. Human existence is itself an evidence of the survival of the fittest on this earth. The recent pandemic Covid19 is one of the biggest challenges faced by human society in 21st century. In this random though based essay, I will explore some of the happenings across the India and globe.


Diseases keep coming in the world and human beings keep searching for their cure from time to time. There are some diseases which are curable and for which we do not have a cure such diseases come in the form of epidemics that spread globally. What can we say about epidemics, endemics and pandemics? It is the effect of human mistakes or the havoc of nature, or can be both. Covid19 is a disease caused by the virus named SARS-COV-2 .The covid19 virus was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China in 2019. It is identified in December 2019. This virus named Covid-19 because it is identified in year of 2019. This is a viral disease which spreads quickly in one to another. Corona virus is an infectious disease that spreads rapidly through contact with other infected person.

Immediate Outbreaks of Covid19 in India

It weakens our immune system rapidly, which reduces our ability to fight diseases.  Due to which death occurs. In India, the first case of Covid19 was found in Kerala in January 2020.Corona infection became so fast that it soon spread too many countries of the world. On 12 January 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) described corona as a disease and after that the WHO declared it a pandemic in view of the increasing infection.


Gradually the outbreak of covid19 increased and the infection spread all over the country and in many countries of the world. The death toll started increasing across the country. The lockdown was first spread in China. It also had a wide impact in India and after the first case was found in Kerala, this infection increased. Keeping in mind the increasing infection, the Prime Minister on 21 March 2020 announced the imposition of a 01-day lockdown in the entire country. Covid19 has forced people to packed into their homes.
But this lockdown did not extend for 01 day, but for 02 days, 04 days and for months from time to time.  Thus, there was a lockdown of almost 2 years in the whole of India. At this time of disaster/pandemic, the reality of health facilities of all countries reveals and it made us feel how prepared we are to deal with any serious problem. This disaster created serious challenges to economies of almost every countries of the world. Even the developed countries got worried due to the sudden explosion of Corona and they also felt challenges of food supplies, vaccination and providing critical and emergency care .People were dying and no one had a solution that how to save them.

Glass model of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus (model - representation)

Challenges during Covid19 Lockdown:

The general public had to face many problems due to the lockdown of Covid19. People were not allowed to come out in market. Essential services were supplied to even rural areas.  People had to stay where they were because the infection of the disease was spreading very fast. Though, government had prepared the hospital to fight Corona but due to excess population, such facilities were seems to be limited.

             There was a lockdown due to the Corona pandemic, due to which people had to quarantine at home. Due to which people got food problems. People were imprisoned in their homes, no one was allowed to go out that they can earn some money and his family expenses can be met. In such a situation, campaigns were launched by the government and some private companies. And arrangements were made to deliver food to the people from door to door. This situation was so frightening that even people were afraid to touch each other so that the infection would not happen.
              This situation was so frightening that whoever died in this Covid19 his last rites were performed by not giving his body to his family members.
People were so scared that they used to shy away from touching even to their family member.

     Health Sector Problems:

 People were falling ill rapidly during the corona period. Every day thousands of cases of corona were registered all over India. There was a shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals. The shortage of hospital doctors and nurses was felt during the corona period. Thousands of people were dying every day due to lack of oxygen. Trains, all incoming and outgoing resources were canceled during the corona lockdown .Due to this; the migrant Indians living in other states suffered the most. People tried to come towards their homes and they started their journey on foot during peak of the Covid19.

              Before the pandemic struck, many students from India went to study abroad. There was a lock down in the country when the epidemic started and indigenous students living abroad had to try hard to return to their country.
Later, the Government of India launched a scheme to bring back the students living abroad. And the students were brought back home.

man sticking poster on glass door
Photo credit to Jack Sparrow

 Economical Problems:

During the Covid19 pandemic, the whole world had to face economic problems. India also faced economic problems. Because at the time of lockdown, transportation was closed from all sides and movement from one state to another was not allowed.
We could not do any business with anyone. This problem was in the state, in the country and also at the international level. Due to which the growth rate of our GDP has decreased and our GDP has also decreased.

Efforts made by the government:

                During the pandemic, meaningful efforts were made by the government. The government made strict rules and gave instructions. This was strictly followed. The state governments launched a door-to-door campaign to deliver food and also gave free sanitizers. People were instructed to wear masks and after doing anything wash your hands with soap and use sanitizer.

The government made arrangements to stay in schools outside the village to stop the migrants and made all the arrangements for their food and drink there. People would be kept under quarantine for 10 to 15 days after they came home from migration. And arrangements were made for their health checkups regularly. Some non-government companies also contributed significantly in this. Even, special trains were arranged to bring people home from outside during covid19.

Covid Vaccination:

Even though India’s health system is weak, but Indian scientists and doctors proved once again that by defeating an epidemic like Corona Indian doctors and scientists can make any impossible task possible.In different Indian institutions in making the compassion vaccine making was started but only a few of these institutions were successful.

Co-Vaccine is India’s first vaccine developed by ICMR in collaboration with Bharat Biotech Company. This vaccine helps in increasing immunity.

Pandemic ,Covid19

It is made on the lines of rabies vaccine.
Covishield is the second vaccine to be made in India. According to scientists, 70 to 90 percent is enough to fight corona. Due to the introduction of vaccine in India, the ability to fight corona has increased and there has also been a decrease in the increase in cases. Recently India has also achieved the target of vaccinating 100 crores.This shows that the love of patriotism is still prevalent among the doctors and scientists of our country and can do anything for abroad.

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Lessons From Crisis and Balance

                    With the arrival of corona, we learn that we should not tamper with nature. We should strike a balance between nature and humans. If we tamper with nature, then surely nature will tamper with us. Because the problems are not over yet.  Corona is growing as fast as Omicron right now. We need to increase health facilities more. Government of India should increase the capacity of government hospitals and build new hospitals. Efforts should be made to improve them by working on higher level medicine. We should keep cleanliness around us so that we can stay away from the coming diseases. Sustainability management can help us to avoid such pandemic in future. Still,covid19 is creating challenge for citizens across the globe. Agility focused approach is must.

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