Covid19 Pandemic’s Agility : A New Perspectives on Health , Economy , Role of Government ,Vaccination , Lessons From Crisis and Balance

Covid19 Pandemic was one of the biggest challenge faced in 21st century. This Viral disease has no vaccination when it was started in 2019 in China.

Succession Planning & Management is a Buzz Word to Family Businesses In India

In the age of startups and huge competition among businesses, the question of business survival and continuity is quite important. In the recent covid 19 times, people lost their leaders and even successful enterprises have no option to lead or run the business operations. Such a gap , enforce us to think about generating a […]

Online Earning A Myth, Mystery, Mastery, Luck or Our Consistency Needed

In recent times, i have observed that people are highly attracted to social media and web platforms to earn a huge sum . Generally, people dream about becoming billionaire at one night or within few days but truth is something different for majority of people . What I believe that Internet is a superior platform […]

Abhishek Pandey is a Researcher,Author,Content Developer and Consultant in the area of Business and Management. He is a multi-disciplinary digital content creator who works with FMCG, HR Services Providers, Startups, Non-Profit Businesses and lifestyle brands.


Scale Development : A way to capture new insights

In research study , researchers often replicate studies based on prior research works globally. One of the original method may be idealistic that they can devise new scale based on indigenous factors . The fundamental needs will be to check reliability and validity of survey instruments through various approaches. It is one of the extension […]

Life is like River . Flow is Important For Survival.


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